Some of satisfied customers let us know their thoughts on the services they received and we decided to share them with you:

03 April 2012, Good service, good price. I am a student and do not have too much money to throw around, these guys offered me a price that matched my budget so I decided to choose them. No problems concerning the actual removal, they finished on time and nothing was lost or broken.

12 December 2012, – We are both visual artists and were relocating our studios on a very short notice, so getting all the stuff out of there on time, and without breaking any of it was indeed a challenge, but the removal people you sent us did a fine job in preventing damage, and also kept everything very organised. Thank you.

15 March 2013, – We were doing a small house removal, but some of the furniture pieces wouldn’t fit through either the door or window. I am happy to say that the ingenuity and skill of your removal techs really showed when the bulky stuff was taken apart and then put back together without any problems.

07 June 2013, – Hi there, I was doing a single item removal with your company last week, everything went fine, didn’t cost me too much cash and job was finished on time. In my book, that’s what counts, so thanks and good luck with business, I will consider you services again in future.

23 July 2013, – We’ve had our little store there for years, so the removal came as a bit of a shock, but your commercial relocation service made a smooth, hassle-free affair of the whole thing. Shop was open and running that next Monday. Your staff were helpful and friendly, no issues at all whatsoever.

29 Sept 2013, – I find office removals to be a real hassle, this is probably the fifth time we have had to relocate in as many years. Anyway, appreciate the fine office removal job you did for me last weekend, I know is was an odd hour of the day, but such is business. Many thanks.

18 November 2013, – Hello, I had booked a single item removal for fragile piece of furniture and I must say a big thank you for getting the darn thing over to my cottage in one piece, I couldn’t have done it by myself with the car. Decent price too, no delays, courteous blokes.

05 February 2014, – We were on a tight budget for our home removal, Tomas’ work was kind of slow to pick up but your price was fair and wasn’t a problem. The house move was quick and we pretty much didn’t have to do anything, just the service we needed, well done!

15 May 2014, – Good job on the office removal you did for us last week. I cannot mention company name as this would be unsolicited advertisement, but I guarantee you we will keep your contacts handy as we might need your services again in near future. Appreciate the effort and care you took with all the equipment.

04 June 2015, – I’m not a review-writing person, but thought I drop you a line anyway. Patience and effort displayed by your removal crew was more than I expected, I know the house was a bit of a mess since I got back from overseas just two short days ago, but they did an excellent job in packing and labeling everything on such a short notice.

12 July 2015, – Thanks for clearing out my yard boys, there was a ton of junk to go but you managed. I was really impressed with the short guy – he was lugging those things out of there as if they were nothing, must have had good breakfast that day, anyway all joke aside – two thumbs up.

23 September 2015, – Decent, well-mannered removal personnel, my small office removal was done in under three hours, that was very good. I wasn’t charged silly money for the office relocation so that was good too. If needed, I will get back to you again as I am now confident in your skills and expertise.